“Once upon a time in a land far far away called Long Beach, was a young girl that one day aspired to blossom into a beautiful woman like her older sister. It would take years and years before she would find her own way and be comfortable in her own skin. It was not until after traveling to lands great and far, did she realize she was on her way to finding her true calling…makeup & fashion!” Okay, so maybe I exaggerated a little, but I did discover how I was able to transform my looks with makeup. I have always believed beauty definitely comes from within, but getting a head start with a good skincare robiopicutine and the right cosmetics can change your life! My love of all things beautiful started at a young age. I have always been obsessed with makeup, fashion and Interior Design. Through the years I have had a career that mainly consisted of Fashion Design, Interior Design and Television. My twin sister and I launched a clothing line years ago called Talulah Designs that was sold at Fred Segal and Scoop NYC, but after a few years of Clothing Design, we transitioned into Interior Design. I must admit, I have always been fascinated with makeup and have dreamed of launching my own skincare and cosmetics line for years. My friends and family always tease me that I talk more about skincare and makeup than anything else. I’m excited for you to follow me along my journey and this new path I want to explore in life. Here’s to a beautiful friendship-

Xo- Jen

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