Amazing Cosmetics Line Smoother + Primer

Primers are such a must for beautiful, flawless looking skin. I never do my makeup without first applying a primer. Since I have super dry skin, I’m always looking for a primer that tends to lock in moisture and keeps my skin looking dewy and fresh all day long. I’m an avid user on the Amazing Cosmetics Anti Aging Primer but was super excited when I had the opportunity to try their Line Smoother + Primer.

Amazing Cosmetics Line Smoother + Primer is formulated with Neodermyl, that consists of powerful and concentrated blend of peptides, ceramides and botanicals to help smooth, firm and hydrate your skin, delivering long-lasting results. The rollerball applicator also provides a soothing and cooling effect as it massages the skin. Not only are you getting the short term effects of flawless skin, this primer is actually treating your skin and imperfections while it primes. I truly love how refreshing it is when applying it under my tired eyes.

This particular primer is a bit thicker in consistency than the Amazing Cosmetics Anti Aging Primer that is my holy grail but, I actually love to use the two together. Since my skin is often times dehydrated, I like using the Anti Aging Primer on my forehead, nose and my chin, while using the Line Smoother Primer on my laugh lines, cheeks and under eyes. The Line Smoothing Primer does a great job of filling in my pores and fine lines, while the Anti Aging Primer keeps everything dewy and fresh! At my age, my makeup is only as good as my skin and my preparation prior to application is the key to beautiful makeup. I will NEVER be without a primer, ever. It’s as simple as that!

Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation

On my latest mission to find a great replacement for my beloved Dolce & Gabbana Lifting Foundation (that has become increasing impossible for me to get my hands on) I think I may have just found my new Holy Grail! Giorgio Armani’s Lifting Foundation. Can I just quickly say, this aging thing definitely has it’s upsides, but the struggle is real for the downsides tool! Well, at least for the constant battle of searching for the fountain of youth. Sigh.

When it comes to my favorite foundations, I’m constantly searching for not only a foundation that gives me medium to full buildable coverage, but also a foundation that doesn’t settle into my fine lines or accentuate my dry skin. On my latest mission to replace my D&G staple foundation, I ran across some mixed reviews on the Armani Lift Foundation. In the past, I was a HUGE fan of Armani’s Designer Shape Cream Foundation, which was one of the BEST foundations I have ever used to date. When Armani decided to discontinue this foundation, many people (Kim Kardashian included) started scrambling to stock up on every last jar in existence. Story has it, that Kim K. even contacted Giorgio Armani himself to get her hands on as many jars as possible! Yes, it was that good. So fast forward to today. After researching great foundations for mature skin (yes, I may have just cringed at using the word mature) because there it NOT a mature attribute about me (at least behavior wise). I then ran across the Armani Lifting Foundation. It seemed to have everything I was looking for in a foundation. It was medium to full buildable coverage, it didn’t settle in fine lines and it was actually great for us dry skinned girls. BINGO! Now to find a store that actually carried this little gem.

I was able to locate the Armani Lifting Foundation at my local Nordstrom. I had done my research extensively and I had basically pinpointed what my color would suit my skin tone by some other reviews I had read online. I also found it a bit odd, that this specific foundation had a very limited range of colors. Could it be that this foundation is also on it’s way to becoming extinct? Limited availability and color range is usually a tall tale sign of what’s to come. SO, when I was approached by the salesgirl at Nordstrom, I was a tad bit disappointed when she barely knew the product line, or even very little about this specific foundation itself. Like I said, since I had done my own research, I basically color matched and confirmed the shade I needed, which is 5.5. It is a perfect match for my more medium than light skin tone and definitely more yellow based, which is what I prefer.

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Now onto the application. As you already know, I never do my make up without first applying a primer. And with this foundation, it was no different. Since I am currently using the Dermalogica Skinsmart anti aging primer, that is what I used. After slightly pressing my primer into my skin, I used my Real Techniques foundation brush to get the perfect coverage. I did try using my Beauty Blender the next day, but felt the foundation worked better with a brush in my opinion. This foundation worked beautifully with my Tarte Shape Tape and after setting my face using a damp beauty blender and my RCMA No-Color powder, I was left with virtually flawless skin. The Armani Lifting Foundation does a great job of staying put and it also did not settle in my fine lines. It also looks amazing in pictures. This foundation is a keeper for now, but I’m hoping and praying that someone comes out with another stellar full coverage foundation for aging skin in the near future. When I find something that works, I definitely stick with it, but in life, it’s always good to have options!


The Perfect Swimsuit by Wolf & Whistle for ASOS (Tan by Madame LA LA)

With Summer right around the corner (or if you live in L.A. like me, some days already feel like Summer!) you’ll want to start thinking about your Summer wardrobe now. If you wait until the weather actually gets warmer, everything is already picked over or you are left scrambling the “day of” an impromptu pool day. We’ve all been there & it’s not fun. When shopping for swimwear in general, I like to search for suits that I can wear multiple ways. For instance, I often times wear my bikini tops either with jeans or as a foundation under a sheer top.  My latest obsession has become the one piece. I’m also a fan of bodysuits (I never thought I would say this again, especially after owning quite a few in the 90’s). They just make my outfits so simple to put together. But let me say, all bodysuits are NOT created equal. Find the ones that are easiest to get out of on the go (if you know what I mean:)  What I absolutely love about the suit pictured above by Wolf & Whistle for ASOS, is the versatility it provides. Pair it with cut off jean shorts and you have the perfect casual outfit for the pool or daytime BBQ. I can also wear it with a skirt and a sheer loose sweater over the top for a edgy, but chic look for a night out. It’s just a great overall swimsuit! The weight of this suit is unbelievable and it was definitely a bargain for only $45. The quality and material of this suit rival any of the high end designers.

There’s a fine line between tan, and looking like you rolled in doritos.


I also believe the best addition to any swimsuit is the perfect fake tan. You know how much I love my self tanners. I was recently sent a self tanner by Madame LA LA to try and it has quickly become another one of my favorites. The key to a perfect tan is all about the application. Faux tans are a easy way to hide imperfections on your body and skin in general. What I love about the Madame LA LA dark self tanner is how quickly is allows me to achieve a deep, dark, flawless tan in a matter of minutes. The richness of this tan also lasts for days. Who doesn’t love that?


Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Luminous Liquid Foundation

It’s no surprise my NEW favorite foundation is by Dolce & Gabbana. I just can’t seem to find another foundation that I love as much as theirs. Dolce & Gabbana’s Perfect Luminous Foundation is simply perfection in a bottle. I know you probably get tired of me raving about my Dolce products, but seriously, I don’t think I’ve met a product of theirs yet that I don’t adore, and this foundation is no different. It definitely has a lighter feel that my usual Prefect Creamy Foundation, but it’s every bit as good and it’s name basically says it all. It makes my skin look perfectly luminous and I love the fact that it doesn’t dry out my already dehydrated complexion. I do use this foundation over my usual anti-aging primer by Amazing Cosmetics so it helps keep my makeup looking fresh all day without having to touch up at all. I wear the color Natural Glow 100 (for reference I’m an NC-25 in MAC) and it has the perfect amount of warmth to it and definitely livens up my skin. I have been using my new favorite foundation brush (stay tuned to see which one it is) to blend my foundation. The two together give me an airbrushed, picture perfect face! Now…”Say Cheese:)”

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

I must admit, I’m like a lot of my readers…when in doubt, I turn to the internet and the opinions of some of my favorite beauty bloggers to find the next best thing!

Although I get products sent to me to try and review, I still have a pretty pricey collection of my favorite foundations and skincare that I continue to purchase myself and that can start to add up. So of course, I’m always on the hunt for those beauty finds that don’t break the bank and actually work just as well as my high end favorites!

When I recently ran out of my beloved Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, I went on a mad search to find a cheaper alternative. I kept coming across all of these great reviews for Maybelline’s Age Rewind Concealer. After figuring out what color would work best, which is the Light 120, I decided to order it on Amazon.

When my Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer arrived in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised at how the color was the perfect match for my skin tone. For color reference, I’m an NC 25 in MAC and have slightly yellow undertones. I also tend to have pretty dry skin, but Im an avid user of serum, heavy duty moisturizers, eye cream and a super hydrating anti-aging primer. Prepping your skin is essential for creating the perfect canvas. I love the pigmentation and the creaminess of this concealer. It doesn’t crease or settle in lines and stays put all day. It also doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and eyes. I do a quick swipe of my Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder on top to set and my eyes are instantly refreshed and brighter. I didn’t think I would like the sponge tip applicator, but honestly it works pretty nicely. This concealer also does a great job at covering blemishes and discoloration. This might just be the best $6 I’ve spent in a very long time!