L’Oreal Elnett All Day Volume Hairspray

When it comes to my hairspray I’m a loyal fan of only one brand,  L’Oreal Elnett Extra Strong Hold Hairspray. It has been my main staple for the past four years. I was introduced to this amazing spray back in my modeling days when hair stylists use to stock up and bring this miracle spray back form Europe since it wasn’t sold in the states. It has had a cult following for many years and rightfully so! When I went to stock up the other day, I squealed with excitement when I saw that they had released a new volumizing version of their classic spray. You all know my motto has, and will always be, “GO BIG OR GO HOME!” and that of course goes for my hair as well. This hairspray will keep your locks full of life all day long. It also has the same signature scent that I have loved for years. I always use this spray before curling my hair to lock it those extra tight curls then lightly spray my entire head once I run my fingers through my curls to separate them. This give me HUGE, hair! Which is exactly what I want. After all, bigger is better!