Age is ONLY a number…

I’ve been on this planet long enough to realize the importance of life. I remember hearing people say age is ONLY a number and I can honestly say it’s the truth. I’m not saying this because I’m turning 46 in a few months, I’m saying it because I’ve experienced it myself. I also have friends that are all different ages. One of my youngest girlfriends in her 20’s, is wise beyond her years, she’s truly an old soul. We connected the first time we met. Age had nothing to do with it. As far as dating, I’ve dated older men and quite a bit younger. It really depends on the person. Our life experiences and how we take care of ourselves, determine our ACTUAL age. People are living longer. I have been pretty good at taking care of myself through the years. I exercise, eat right, *for the most part:) and I try and surround myself with like minded and emotionally healthy people. I have also always taken care of my skin, thanks to the great advice from my Mom and Grandmother growing up. *BTW, our skin is the largest living organ, so we NEED to take care of it! What I believe keeps me younger than my actual years is my ability to connect with people and my desire to help others. The past 6 years were life changing for me. I truly lost my way and hope. It has taken me years of work and fighting to get to a place where I feel like ME again. I will never be the same person I was before these things happened, but I’ve learned to LOVE the new, resilient, stronger version of myself. During these difficult times, I was able to get my California Real Estate license and this past week I obtained my New York Real Estate license as well. I know I won’t always be 45 years young, but I’m going to continue to live my life MY way and I’m pretty proud of that.