Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers

I’ve been obsessed with my hot rollers for years! But the ones I have been using for a while now literally look like they were from the stone ages. I think they were starting to do a lot of damage to my hair as well. So now I was on a mission. I started researching the best hot rollers and kept coming across the Ionic Hot Rollers by Calista Tools although they were pricey, I was willing to bite the bullet. But then, after doing a Google search, I found them on Amazon for less that $25! I was in disbelief. These hot rollers usually retail for $145. Best bart, is with Amazon Prime I had them in 2 days. Once they arrived I couldn’t help but put them to the test right way. This set of rollers comes in a great little carrying case and is quite compact. It also comes with some great clips to help keep the rollers in place. Although I have long hair, I ordered the short hair version of these rollers as they were the same size as the ones I was already using. These little babies heat up super fast and leave my hair frizz free. I put them in my hair before I do my makeup that way they have time to cool completely in my hair before I take then out. I do a quick once over with my beloved Elnett and I have curls that are pure perfection!