All you need is LOVE

I try and live my life as organically and real as I can. Living in L.A. consists of a lot of “Smoke and Mirrors” but I have always embraced the fact that I am flawed just like everyone else. I have insecurities, I’ve lost at love over and over again, I’ve experienced illnesses, depression, deaths and heartache beyond belief…but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change my path or journey for anything. My rough road has lead me to become a voice for many people afraid to speak up and ask for help. There are so many people that have shown me love throughout my life and the one’s that stuck around during my darkest days are the people in my life I will forever cherish. LOVE is one of the most important feelings to embrace during our lifetime. Love also comes in many forms. My family is the reason I continue to grow and become stronger every day. My friends (& you know who you are) that have been by my side through the good and bad times are truly a god send and last but not least, my pets have always brought me the purest form of unconditional love. In light of what has been transpiring around me the past few weeks, I thought my post should be reflective of my actual feelings and not about a beauty product. After all, LOVE looks great on everyone. Love yourself and the world will love you right back…I promise!