Secrets from The Red Carpet


Summer is here and we all know what it’s like to feel less than perfect for a day at the beach! I recently heard how a lot of celebrities do a very basic detox bath a few days prior to an event to reduce bloating and water weight gain. Now, PLEASE consult with your physician before doing this if you have any health conditions. Our bodies build up loads of toxins on a daily basis. From the foods we eat, to alcohol, lifestyle and environmental pollutants, we have a lot of toxins that can slow down and affect our bodies. I had read an article recently on the effects of taking a twenty five minute Epsom Salt bath to release the toxins in our bodies. You should never do this more than once a week, and most people are probably sufficient with one or two times a month at most. I run a bath and put two cups of Epsom Salt in warm bath water. I then set my timer for twenty five minutes, light a candle, sip my tea and listen to relaxing music. The strangest part about this detox is the toxins cause you to perspire rather profusely out the top of your head! The water is not even that hot. It is very important to drink extra water for the next few days following a detox bath so you don’t get dehydrated. I definitely feel like my body is getting rid of the toxins in my system and the days following my detox bath, I often watch my carb intake and eat a lot of protein and leafy greens. I can definitely tell the difference the very next day. Along with a balanced diet and regular exercise, you too can keep your body staying fit, strong, and beautiful from the inside out. After all, a beautiful spirit is the most attractive part of a woman.