Put on your favorite LIPSTICK, it’s National Lipstick Day!

I know it sounds like I may have created this day, but NO! National Lipstick Day must have been created by another woman that has a crazy obsession with lipstick just like me! I will tell you on any given day, my lipstick color says a lot about my mood. My go to is of course red, but I love a good pale, nude lip as well. The brighter colors really do liven up my complexion and give my face life. I often times change my lipstick mid day just depending on my mood. My purse usually has at least five different lipsticks in it on any given day. I know, crazy! I don’t think men will ever quite understand our obsession with make up and they certainly get freaked out by bright red lips, well, only if they want to kiss you! But nothing makes me feel more powerful and feminine than beautiful, bright, I have arrived red lips! So on this day, put on your favorite lipstick and show the world who’s boss. I know you’ll turn a few heads today… Ladies, let’s start this day with a bang!