My FAVORITE Drugstore Finds: 5 Days of Steals! Day 1: Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo


While I was showering this morning (yes, i often come up with my most brilliant ideas here!) I started thinking about all of the amazing products I use on a daily basis that don’t break the bank and are readily available at your local drugstore. So, I’ve decided to do a series of seven posts, one each day this week, of my favorite MUST HAVE bargain products. With that being said, here we go!

If you use tons of hair products day after day like I do, you probably find yourself every few months just feeling like your hair is lack luster and weighed down. I have been using Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo since I was in junior high! Ugh, yes, you do the math….It is one of those basic staples that I’m obsessed with. It thoroughly cleans your scalp and gets rid of any buildup you have from hairspray, mousse, dry shampoo or any other hair product that you use on a daily basis. What I love about this shampoo, is it leaves my hair and scalp squeaky clean. Every time I use this shampoo and then go back to my normal hair routine, each product in my hair arsenal works ten times better! My hair has more life and volume and it is a lot softer too. You can’t go wrong with this cult favorite. It may in fact just change your life…or at least your hair! Amen-

Madison Reed Nourishing Color Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner

You might remember a post I did a while back about the root touch-up powder that I’m obsessed with by Madison Reed. Well, I had the chance to try their Nourishing Color Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner and it is equally AMAZING!  I blow dry my hair every single day and most days (when my hair isn’t in a bun) I curl it with hot rollers. So needless to say, my hair is in less than stellar condition. I have tons of split ends and my hair was starting to look lack luster. This shampoo & conditioner by Madison Reed has brought my dull hair back to life. It definitely helps aid in holding the curl in my hair for hours on end and also put the shine back in my locks! Oh and did I mention it smells amazing to0? Their formula does not contain Gluten or Sulfate and it’s Paraben Free so it’s the perfect combination for color treated hair and will keep your color looking fabulous for weeks on end. Who doesn’t LOVE that? Thank you Madison Reed for helping me find my new best friend!

*If you are in need of awesome hair color…MADISON REED does that too! Check out what VOGUE has to say in the link below.

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L’oreal Lock-It BOLD Control Hairspray


I’ve been a pretty loyal user of L’oreal Elnett for years, with the exception of a couple rare strays! Since I am that girl that uses a TON of hairspray, I go through my cans pretty darn fast. So I was hoping to find a good alternative to my favorite spray that wouldn’t break the bank.  I happened to stumble in to the haircare department at my local Target store and noticed this L’oreal Lock-it Bold Control Hairspray for the bargain price of $3.99. Since I didn’t have a lot to lose, I thought, “How bad can this be?” After all, this hairspray is also made by L’oreal, the same company that makes my all too PERFECT Elnett. Well, all I can say is it was LOVE AT FIRST SPRAY. First and foremost, the scent is to die for. It has tremendous holding power without being stiff, you can brush through it without it leaving a residue and it keeps my curls in perfect voluminous form for hours on end. I’m so confident you’ll love this hairspray as much as I do, you might want to just go ahead and pick up TWO! I’m just saying-

Madison Reed Root Touch Up Powder in Dark Brown


Have you ever had that moment when you look in the mirror and you are like “What has happened to all of my hair?” I used to have three times more hair than I do now. I think there are numerous things contributing to my loss of hair, the main reason being my overactive thyroid! Ugh. Another contributing factor is I’m under way too much stress these days and the third is probably just the natural aging process…sigh. Whatever the factor, I have been experiencing a double whammy with the new appearance of sporadic gray hairs!!! Ladies, when it rains it pours. I must admit I’m quite blessed when it comes to the gray department as I have not had to color my hair in over 15 years. I knew the day would come where I would HAVE to spend hundreds of dollars every six weeks and color my hair, but up until now, I literally would only occasionally get one or two gray hairs. Lately I’ve been getting 5 to 10. I’m not at the point where I need to color my hair but I also need to stop pulling out those random gray hairs!

On a recent trip to my beloved Sephora, I stumbled across a product at the checkout line. It was a product called Madison Reed Root Touch Up. I quickly snatched it up but decided to not purchase it at that time since it was $30 and virtually looked like eyeshadow (which has been my secret weapon for covering my thinning hair at the hairline for the past few months). So when I got home, I couldn’t stop thinking about this product. I started to do a bit of research and quickly realized I NEEDED this product in my life.

A few days later I returned to my local Sephora and snatched this little gem up. Since my hair is pretty dark, I bought the Dark Brown color which for reference is the second to the darkest color in the line of 7 shades. The packaging is quite impressive and the compact even comes with it’s own pouch, The application is a breeze as well. I apply mine at the hairline and along my part and on the scalp in the area where my hair is thinning. It covers the few grays I have beautifully and stays put. It doesn’t even transfer on my pillowcase at night. It makes my hair seem so much fuller too! It’s amazing what a little trickery can do. So in the meantime while I’m waiting for my supplements to kick back in and my thyroid to settle down, I’ve found the perfect quick fix for when my hair is looking less than stellar.

*The pic below of my hairline is before the application. The above pic is after-

Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers

I’ve been obsessed with my hot rollers for years! But the ones I have been using for a while now literally look like they were from the stone ages. I think they were starting to do a lot of damage to my hair as well. So now I was on a mission. I started researching the best hot rollers and kept coming across the Ionic Hot Rollers by Calista Tools although they were pricey, I was willing to bite the bullet. But then, after doing a Google search, I found them on Amazon for less that $25! I was in disbelief. These hot rollers usually retail for $145. Best bart, is with Amazon Prime I had them in 2 days. Once they arrived I couldn’t help but put them to the test right way. This set of rollers comes in a great little carrying case and is quite compact. It also comes with some great clips to help keep the rollers in place. Although I have long hair, I ordered the short hair version of these rollers as they were the same size as the ones I was already using. These little babies heat up super fast and leave my hair frizz free. I put them in my hair before I do my makeup that way they have time to cool completely in my hair before I take then out. I do a quick once over with my beloved Elnett and I have curls that are pure perfection!