Super Collagen-C by Neocell: Beauty from the Inside Out

We have all heard the term “You are what you eat”. I truly believe this is 100% true. When I eat the proper diet of fresh leafy greens, fish rich in Omega 3 ( Salmon) and tomatoes that are packed full of lycopene and lots of water, my skin radiates. Of course you need to be taking care of your skin topically as well, but to support healthy skin and to avoid premature aging, your diet is key. Excess sugar causes skin to age at a higher rate of speed and causes whats called glycation. Avoiding foods that are high in sugar will definitely helps slow down this process which also helps combat inflammation of the skin. I have always been a fan of supplements, but depending on where I am in my life, I’m a little more dedicated at times. Eating a balanced diet is the best way to get all of your nutrients, but once in a while our bodies just need a little help. I had tried Neocell’s Super Collagen supplement years ago and absolutely loved the results. I have once again been on the hunt for something to help restore my disappearing hair. Thanks to a really tough break up, the past year and a half has been pretty hard emotionally for me and caused me a ton of stress. Ladies!  Stress is the worst thing for our hair and skin (as well as our hearts). My hair was coming out by the handfuls. When I originally took this Super Collagen Supplement years ago it was more for my skin. Did I mention, these vitamins do wonders for your skin, hair, nails, joints and weight? It’s true. If you are like me and suffering from hair loss and stress, I think you will adore these vitamins. The key is taking them on an empty stomach and if you don’t like taking pills, there is a powder form you can add to orange juice and make into a morning smoothie. Both versions work wonders. As always, please discuss your supplement regimen with your doctor before starting a new routine. A happy life is a healthy life- Beautiful hair doesn’t hurt either!