Samy Heat Guard Protection Spray

I hate to admit it, but I blow dry my hair everyday! I know it’s horrible for my hair and what’s even worse are these OLD SCHOOL hot rollers I’m obsessed with. They have been around so long they are starting to disintegrate! No lie..but if you must use heat on your hair, make sure you apply a good heat protector styling product. Using a silicon based product that coats the hair, will help prevent damage from the heat of styling tools. I’ve been using the Heat Guard by Samy for the past few months and must admit I quite like it! It is reasonably priced and it doesn’t give my hair a weird texture. I usually concentrate at the ends of my hair but you can certainly apply it to you entire head. I just lightly mist each strand after i’ve towel dry my hair and then I blow dry as usual. It works like a charm and smells great too! So let’s not beat ourselves up any more that we need to, grab a heat protector today…your hair will thank you for it-