SMILE…You’ve Got This!


Those of you that know me, know, I’ve had a pretty rough past few years. I also have so many reasons to be grateful and I most certainly am! I have an amazing family, wonderful friends, my health, a great home, my blog, and a million opportunities right now. I have been talking a lot about social media with friends and family. I think in today’s society, people’s lives seem perfect in pictures. The reality is, everyone is going to have rough times in their lives at some point, most people just aren’t willing to share it. I realize my hard times are no different than anyone else’s. Maybe slightly different circumstances than the next person, but equally as painful when you are going through it. From my twin sister being diagnosed with MS, a horrible breakup from a man that I realized was a complete fraud and losing one too many loved ones to death, I was definitely overwhelmed and changed forever. I also have an amazing support system (and you know who you are!) In the midst of this dark time, I decided to start my blog, which became very therapeutic for me. It was a great creative outlet that allowed me to share my opinions and my personal stories.

About a year and a half ago, I was blessed to have a man come into my life that has truly become my best friend. He is the voice of reason, even on my darkest days. He is my biggest fan and I am his. Having a great support system really helps us as people move on to the next chapter of our lives. All of these hard moments, as well as the amazing moments we experience in life, are all part of our journey. As I’m sitting here today trying to get over a really bad cold and feeling horrible, I have had some time to reflect on a lot of things. I keep reminding myself to smile. The best advice my best friend ever gave me was “Smile, even when you’re sad, it’s impossible to be sad when you are actually smiling!” FACT! Honestly, a smile is your best accessory. When you put on your lipstick, it looks best when you smile. When you are in a room surrounded by hundreds of people, the woman that stands out is in the crowd is the one smiling! And guess what? Nothing leaves a lasting impression like a genuine heartfelt smile. So today, no matter how you are feeling…smile and be proud of how far you’ve come! I most certainly am- xo