Race to Erase MS: My sister’s journey with MS

For those of you that know me personally, you know my family means more to me than anything. I have always been an open book with my readers and when I started this blog a year and half ago it was in the midst of a devastating breakup. What most of you don’t know, is a year earlier my identical twin Julie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I often times find writing and posting pictures therapeutic and this blog has become so much more than just a hobby to me. In a world that is greatly consumed with painting a perfect picture via social media, life isn’t always what it seems. I will tell you that there are a handful of people in my life that have been my support system. It’s amazing how a few people can help you get through your darkest days.

This past month, my sister decided to come out and start talking about her MS. I will tell you, each person with MS has a different journey. My sister has good days and bad days, but she is one of the strongest people I know. I was in denial for the first year. I didn’t want to learn anything about the disease. I was afraid to read what MAY happen. I will tell you, with all of the facts and research going on I truly believe there will be a cure for MS in the next ten years. I think one of the hardest parts about this disease are the misconceptions and I will say, sometimes people just say dumb stuff! A lot of people automatically think of Annette Funicello when they hear the word MS. As many of you probably know, Jack Osbourne also has MS and he is doing great. I have friends with family members that have had MS for thirty plus years and they are healthy, walking and living normal lives. A close friend of mine has a friend with MS who runs marathons.

There are so many great charities around the world that are paving the way to find a cure for MS. As you all know, I’m a huge shoe fanatic. Brian Atwood has partnered with Donald Robertson for a brilliantly curated collection of heels with the proceeds going to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Race to Erase MS is another great charity that has been heavily involved in finding a cure and they have the support of many actors and celebrities as well. Their annual gala has brought in millions of dollars for research. My sister is starting her own charity and is also about to start filming a documentary on her journey with MS. We have been blessed to have been raised in the entertainment industry from a very young age, so the amount of support has been amazing. Sometimes in life, we have to take a misfortune and turn it into a blessing. MS has given my sister a voice and has also attached a face, one of the many faces of MS to this disease.

I think in life, we sometimes find ourselves in the midst of a wakeup call. I will tell you, life is short so make it count. Don’t sweat the small stuff and tell the people that matter the most in life how much you love them..every day. I try and check myself in those moments when I’m complaining about something trivial. I’m truly lucky to have my health, the best family and friends on the planet and I’m also living my dream… and to my support system (you know who you are!) I love you more than you will ever know. I’m one lucky girl! xx

***Orange is the color of the Race to Erase MS campaign. Lips: Smashbox Be Legendary in Fireball Matte  Nails: Wet n’ Wild WildShine Nail Color in Nuclear War

***Please read this article on the myths associated with MS

SMILE…You’ve Got This!


Those of you that know me, know, I’ve had a pretty rough past few years. I also have so many reasons to be grateful and I most certainly am! I have an amazing family, wonderful friends, my health, a great home, my blog, and a million opportunities right now. I have been talking a lot about social media with friends and family. I think in today’s society, people’s lives seem perfect in pictures. The reality is, everyone is going to have rough times in their lives at some point, most people just aren’t willing to share it. I realize my hard times are no different than anyone else’s. Maybe slightly different circumstances than the next person, but equally as painful when you are going through it. From my twin sister being diagnosed with MS, a horrible breakup from a man that I realized was a complete fraud and losing one too many loved ones to death, I was definitely overwhelmed and changed forever. I also have an amazing support system (and you know who you are!) In the midst of this dark time, I decided to start my blog, which became very therapeutic for me. It was a great creative outlet that allowed me to share my opinions and my personal stories.

About a year and a half ago, I was blessed to have a man come into my life that has truly become my best friend. He is the voice of reason, even on my darkest days. He is my biggest fan and I am his. Having a great support system really helps us as people move on to the next chapter of our lives. All of these hard moments, as well as the amazing moments we experience in life, are all part of our journey. As I’m sitting here today trying to get over a really bad cold and feeling horrible, I have had some time to reflect on a lot of things. I keep reminding myself to smile. The best advice my best friend ever gave me was “Smile, even when you’re sad, it’s impossible to be sad when you are actually smiling!” FACT! Honestly, a smile is your best accessory. When you put on your lipstick, it looks best when you smile. When you are in a room surrounded by hundreds of people, the woman that stands out is in the crowd is the one smiling! And guess what? Nothing leaves a lasting impression like a genuine heartfelt smile. So today, no matter how you are feeling…smile and be proud of how far you’ve come! I most certainly am- xo



World Suicide Prevention Day

With today being WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION day, I wanted to do a post on a subject close to my heart. At times, life is a struggle. We have all gone through rough patches or endured devastating heartache. Whether it be a death, an illness, a breakup or a financial struggle. In the moment, these feelings can be a lot to handle. There is help available. Please don’t suffer in silence. Surround yourself with an amazing support system and work your hardest every day to pull through. I have seen firsthand what suicide does to the friends and family left behind. If you or someone you know is dealing with depression, don’t be afraid to talk about it. It’s amazing how when you start talking about things, you realize there are a lot of other people that have experienced or are experiencing your same feelings. Life can be hard. Life has obstacles and life can be a challenge. Remind yourself every day how amazing you are and how much you are loved. What we can control is waking up each day and trying our hardest to make each day count and seeing a happier tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Even if it doesn’t seem like it today, believe me, you will get through this dark time. The world is a better place with you in it!

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide or in crisis, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)


Put on your favorite LIPSTICK, it’s National Lipstick Day!

I know it sounds like I may have created this day, but NO! National Lipstick Day must have been created by another woman that has a crazy obsession with lipstick just like me! I will tell you on any given day, my lipstick color says a lot about my mood. My go to is of course red, but I love a good pale, nude lip as well. The brighter colors really do liven up my complexion and give my face life. I often times change my lipstick mid day just depending on my mood. My purse usually has at least five different lipsticks in it on any given day. I know, crazy! I don’t think men will ever quite understand our obsession with make up and they certainly get freaked out by bright red lips, well, only if they want to kiss you! But nothing makes me feel more powerful and feminine than beautiful, bright, I have arrived red lips! So on this day, put on your favorite lipstick and show the world who’s boss. I know you’ll turn a few heads today… Ladies, let’s start this day with a bang!

The Reason I LOVE Makeup!


I have been infatuated with makeup from a very young age. I grew up in a household with two sisters, one being my identical twin! I always looked up to my older sister and have always thought she was absolutely beautiful. She looked almost exactly like Brooke Shields…no lie. Our Mom, although she barely ever wore a stitch of makeup was beautiful too. With her Cherokee Indian roots and super light green eyes, she was stunning and still is and one of the most amazing women I know. My twin sister and I on the other hand, well let’s just say weren’t quite as blessed. Haha. We were super skinny, way taller than most of our classmates and had freckles and these really bad unruly bangs. We belonged to a dance studio growing up that competed a lot and also did major production shows a few times a year. There was a woman named Gail that was the Mom of a few of our fellow classmates and she always did the most amazing makeup on the girls. I would sit there for hours just watching every step of how she applied makeup. It was at that point I realized you don’t have to just accept what God has given you, you can treat your face like a blank slate and create beautiful works of art that can transform your face completely. I believe one of the most beautiful things a woman can embrace is confidence. We all have a feature or two that we can embrace as well. Whether it’s beautiful eyes, a great smile or gorgeous hair. Find the things that YOU LOVE most and embrace them. Forget focusing on the things you don’t like. We’ve all had acne, crooked teeth, bad hair or a few extra pounds we would like to shed and let’s not forget those pesky wrinkles. That’s life! What captures the hearts of the people that matter most, is a beautiful soul. I wanted to write this post and show people what I look like every night before I go to bed without a stitch of makeup. The top left photo was taken a few nights ago before going to bed. I always wash my face with my Clarisonic and then apply my skincare routine even if I’m tired, I do this religiously. Your skin does it’s best work while you’re sleeping. My point being is, take note at my less than perfect skin, dark circles and eyebrows that aren’t exactly as full as I’d like them to be (but I have found a miracle product that has helped and can’t wait to share my secret at some point) and look at those skimpy lashes. With the application of makeup, you have the ability to look and express yourself exactly as you want. I am always more comfortable with a full face of makeup, but that’s just me. No one is perfect, but loving yourself and being confident in who you are will take you places you’ve never dreamed of! I promise. We are all beautiful, we just have to believe it ourselves and everyone else will too! xx