Aging Gracefully


SQUATS do your body GOOD!

As many of you already know, I recently turned 44! Yikes, I know, this aging thing creeps up on us quickly. But, for me, age is definitely just a number and women these days are defying the aging process and killing it! With that being said, it is slightly more difficult to keep my body and skin in tip top shape. But it is absolutely possible with some hard work and dedication. I have always been a bit of a health nut, but not so much that I go overboard. Living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying the better things in life (burgers & cocktails) in moderation, helps keep things on track and still allows me to live life to the fullest. Yes, I absolutely fall off the wagon just like everyone else, but with how my brain works, it’s never usually more than a couple of weeks.

Now on to how I stay in shape, and specifically how I target my problem area, my butt. For me it’s all about targeted training. I am a religious believer of the Brazil Butt Lift workouts. I know, the infomercials are laughable, but when I saw it myself, I immediately got sucked in to thinking my butt would like the Victoria Secret models they kept showing on TV. I actually remember someone laughing at me when I said I had ordered them. Needless to say, this woman was somewhat of a hater to begin with, but her exact words were, “Oh my god, what? Do you think you can actually look like those girls in the commercial? Those informercials are such a scam!” I actually laughed as I walked away, and thought that was a lot of effort on her part to put another woman down. Which is NOT what I am about in life at all. Another thing you guys know about me, is how important empowering other women is. So I quickly brushed it off and started using my DVD’s. Annnnnd, guess what? They worked-


My other favorite thing to do to help keep my butt lifted, are the dreaded squats! I say dreaded, because I know how much people hate them, myself included. I bought a 10 pound kettle bell, and when I watch TV I pick it up and do squats. I honestly don’t even mind doing them anymore, because I’m not actually thinking about it while I’m watching something on TV. The other thing I would like to point out is, the Butt Lift workout revolves a lot around squats and lunges as well. It is one of the best ways to get a round, perky butt! I promise. As with anything in life, dedication and persistence is key. I once had a personal trainer tell me, it doesn’t matter what kind of workout you do, as long as it is tailored to your needs and you DO IT, you will see results. I saw great results with my trainer, but I honestly feel like my body is in better shape now from doing these home workouts. I am lucky to have an amazing gym in my building, so I try and utilize it as much as possible as well. But there are definitely weeks, sometimes months, where I’m strictly doing home workouts.

Last but not least, eating healthy is also a key component to seeing results fast. When I am targeting my abs for instance, lowering my carb intake really helps highlight the definition. I also feel better in general with limiting my carbs. But like I said, you only live once and life is ALL about balance. My goal is life is to enjoy as many things as I can. I’m grateful to be where I am today…and the people around me and the choices I’ve made, have all helped me get to the point where I’m actually living again, and I’m loving every minute of it!

My Go To Workouts for Staying Strong & Fit

Let me first start by saying, as I’m getting older, it is more of a daily challenge to stay fit! I will always be envious of the people that say they actually enjoy working out. Although, I love the way I feel mentally afterward, and of course I feel rewarded when my body looks strong and fit…It is still a challenge to get myself motivated daily. Let’s just say, sometimes, I have to get in the mindset that my life depends on this workout!! Haha. With that being said, let’s dive right in.

Fitness is not about being better than someone else…it’s about being better than you used to be.  –  unknown

I have always been relatively slim. Although I’m a healthy eater, I still indulge from time to time like everyone else. Let me give you a bit of background on my upbringing and what kinds of activities I was involved in growing up. My Mom always kept us super active. She also always encouraged us three girls to try new things. Even though I was definitely a tomboy at one stage of my life, I never ever wanted to play sports! I wanted to do all of the girly things like gymnastics, ice skating, dancing and cheerleading. So we were kept pretty busy doing numerous physical activities growing up.

As I got a bit older, I found different forms of working out that kept my body toned and in shape. Now let me reiterate, I am old enough at this point, to understand that our body changes through the years and our workouts need to be modified to target the new problem area(s) we have acquired. (Now, those of you that are younger and have not experienced this yet)  things change as you get older. Trends also change. I remember when I was in my early twenties, no one wanted to have a big, round booty! Now it’s all the rage. Thankfully, since that has always been my problem area, or shall I say, hardest area to keep firm! My workouts have always consisted of a healthy balance of cardio, light weights and strength training. Years ago, I used to spend a lot of time in aerobic or step classes. But the past 12 years or so, my cardio mainly consists of running on a treadmill or running five miles outside.

Now, please let me remind you, my current workout regime, is what works for me! It may not be exactly what your body needs. I will always remember, years ago after a car accident, I had to go to physical therapy. There was a woman one day that said to me “What do you do to stay in shape?” I answered, I basically just run. She quickly snapped back, “Oh just wait, when you get older you are going to need much more than running!” Which, now that it is twenty plus years later, she was partially right. Yes, my body type, still to this day, can get completely toned just by running alone. But I definitely like the look of being a bit more sculpted, which I get from strength training and weights. It also helps with my core muscles and helps keeps me stronger overall.

Two of my favorite all time workouts, are workouts you can do at home. Yes, I know I’m going to sound like an infomercial here. But my go to workouts are Barry’s Bootcamp and Brazil Butt Lift. I get it. You have probably seen those commercials with the Victoria Secret models claiming it works for them. Whether or not Brazil Butt Lift is actually their go to workout? I don’t know.  But what I do know, is it WORKS! The Barry’s Bootcamp home workouts I do, are very manageable and very target oriented. The ab workout is better than the workout I got from a personal trainer. No joke! It completely transforms your core and ab muscles. And better yet, each targeted workout is only abound 12 minutes long.

Brazil Butt Lift, is a bit more challenging. You have to be disciplined with this workout (as you should be with any workout) But this one specifically. I would suggest you commit to the initial 60 day challenge workout to see the best results and then you can do maintenance workouts. I also like running along with both of these regimes. It helps speed up your results. The other key factor for achieving quicker results, is eating right. Go light on the carbs and your core muscles will start to show definition much quicker.

Last but not least, I love a good outdoor hike. Living in Southern California, and L.A. specifically, allows me to enjoy some of the best hiking spots! I also love what being outdoors does to my mind, body and spirit. It helps ease my anxiety at times and gives me a feeling of peace and tranquility. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, I’ll take it!

LANEIGE Water Bank Moisture Cream

L Must Love Rating: 10 out of 10

First and foremost, sorry for the lack of posts on Must Love Lipstick. Life has been super crazy the past few months (with Real Estate and Interior Design *see my other sites in the links on my bio page:) I’ve had a bit of a hard time managing my time evenly across the board. But I’m getting back on track. I think I may need an assistant in the New Year, but that’s another topic for another day! Apparently I need to do a new post every day for the next two months to get caught up. So stay tuned, I’m about to bombard you with tons of reviews! Now on to the review of LANEIGE Water Bank Moisture Cream.

I’m honestly almost scared to review this one for the fear it will fly of the shelves and I will have a hard time getting my hands on it myself. But, the Water Bank Moisture Cream by LANEIGE is too good not to share. Believe me when I say, this has now become my favorite skin cream for the Winter months.

I suffer from extremely dry, sensitive skin year round, but Wintertime is always worse. I find my face gets extra dry and no one wants that. Dry skin also makes your wrinkles and fine lines look worse than they are! I definitely can’t have that. Haha. I had received a sample of this cream months ago and it wasn’t until I ran out of my other current favorite face cream by Murad, that I tried it. There was only enough product in this little packet to get me through two days. But after those two days, I was sold! My skin looked amazing. No dry patches, no irritation, which I get easily (that will be another post) and my fine lines were basically gone. My skin felt and looked plump and was perfectly dewy, so much so that  I couldn’t stop looking at my skin. No joke!

Now let me give you a little history on my new miracle product. The LANEIGE line has a cult following in Korea. It is also made by Amore Pacific. When my eczema first started appearing a few years back, a woman at Sephora told me the Amore Pacific line was one of the few lines her husband, whom had severe eczema could tolerate. On her suggestion, I started using the line, which was amazing but also super pricey. With that being said, this cream does remind me of the Amore Pacific cream I was using but I actually like the LANEIGE Water Bank Moisture Cream more and it’s only $32, yep you heard me correctly! It does have a slight fragrance that dissipates quickly, but I have not experienced any reactions due to the added fragrance like I have with other skincare lines.

LANEIGE is sold at local Target stores and on The line includes a series of products that are designed to work with each other in a multi step process. I know some people may not like the idea of using multiple products every day, but trust me, this is the best way to keep your skin looking beautiful for years to come. I would never be without a serum, or eye cream for even one day! Once you get accustomed to layering products, it becomes second nature. Here’s to beautiful skin year round!

My Botox-Free Routine

My Botox-Free Routine


You’ve asked…now I’m gonna answer! (Honestly people, some of these questions I get asked, crack me up!) Let me first start by saying, I’m a huge supporter of doing whatever you want to your face and skin in regards to fillers, botox, plastic surgery etc. So I’m not knocking it in any way. I just have to laugh a bit when people find out my age and they always say “How?” I then have to go into my usual routine of making all of these crazy faces and moving my forehead to show them I don’t have botox. With that being said, I wanted to share some of my favorite products that have allowed me to stay Botox-Free for years. It’s really pretty simple ladies, all you have to do is put in the effort!

So here it goes; I’m a huge fan of taking care of my skin in general. Duh! But it is the targeted products I use that take my routine to another level. There are so many layers to this post, I guess I will start from the ground up! First and foremost, I use my beloved Clairsonic morning and night. If you don’t have perfectly clean skin, your products will never be able to do what they are supposed to do. I always, and I mean ALWAYS, use a primer targeted for firming and wrinkles. Morning and’s a must! A rich moisturizer and eye cream and of course the key to aging gracefully…SUNBLOCK.

Now on to the specifics. Three times a week, I use the Instant Radiance Scrub by Eclos. It instantly softens any fine lines I have in a matter of minutes. It is gentle but effective and is one of my holy grail products I have used for 5 plus years. Once I have used the scrub to slough off the dead skin, I immediately layer on my MURAD Age Diffusing Firming Mask. This mask is pure heaven. It tightens, softens and tones in 15 minutes flat and leaves my skin perfectly plump.

At least twice a week, especially if I’ve had a rather late night, I use the Bliss Oxygen Facial Mask. I have been using this oxygen facial for at least 7 years and would NOT be without it. It takes my skin from dull to vibrant in 5 minutes flat! It also feels amazing and allows me to relax, even if it’s only for 5 minutes!

So, as you can see, from my experience, it isn’t just one product that keeps me botox-free, it’s an arsenal! Now I’m not saying I might not ever need botox at some point, but for now, I’ve got this handled. Take it from me, you can do this too! I’m a girl that is constantly making crazy faces all day long. Unfortunately my face & expressions say it all. I can never hide how I’m truly feeling, which can be a good thing or bad! But as long as it’s not causing more wrinkles, I will continue to live my life with FULL EXPRESSION!

Becca Tumeric Clay Face Mask

I lOVE masks. Whether they are firming, hydrating, resurfacing or oxygen masks, I apply a mask at least twice a week depending on my skins needs. I was first introduced to the Becca Tumeric mask a while back and I absolutely love it! I have super sensitive skin and eczema which often times prevents me from using certain products. The tumeric in this mask instantly calms my skin and after leaving it on for 20 minutes, my skin simply glows when I take it off. Now don’t be scared by the color of this mask! The first time I used it I thought for sure my skin was going to remain bright yellow after I removed the mask, but it completely washed off. Tumeric is known for it’s anti inflammatory properties and works wonders in this mask. I’m lucky enough to get to try products from around the globe and when I was introduced to this line I was simply blown away. Their coffee scrubs are absolutely amazing too. They are now part of my normal routine and I can’t live without them! Thanks BECCA!