Got a Pimple? Smile’s Prid Will Be Your New Best Friend

This is one of my favorite miracle products that I have tried this past year. Oh how I love the internet and the power of a GOOGLE search! So, I rarely break out or get a pimple, but when I do, it of course has to be larger than life. I had recently switched up my skincare routine which in turn caused my skin to react which left me with a pimple. It was not just your normal pimple, it was the kind that is down beneath the surface that hurts and seems like it’s never going to go away! Ugh. I think it would actually be called cystic acne. Now you all know the kind of pimple I’m talking about and the worst thing you can do is try and force it to pop. After two days of staring at this thing, I did a google search. I kept coming up with the same suggestion, Smile’s Prid, which is made by the homeopathic manufacturer Hyland. People were raving about this miracle salve. At first glance it seemed like the quickest way I was going to get my hands on this was ordering through Amazon, but in my moment of weakness, I decided to walk across the street to my local Walgreen’s. Low and behold they had it! I went home, washed my face and applied the salve. By morning my pimple had gone down a bit but still felt like it was there. I went on with my day as usual and kind of forgot about it until I got home that night. At this point you could see that my pimple had now completely come to the surface which is the whole point of this salve. It draws the pimple to the surface and allows it to heal. The problem with cystic acne is it lies way below the surface and can remain there for weeks or even months. The thought of even trying to pop it mortified me as it could lead to scaring and infection. I honestly could not believe my eyes. By morning my pimple was completely gone. I had a faint pink mark that went away over the next couple of days, but my skin was now back to it’s normal healthy state. So, the next time you have a pimple, apply Smile’s Prid overnight…it’s truly a miracle!  Your skin will THANK YOU!

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