Put on your favorite LIPSTICK, it’s National Lipstick Day!

I know it sounds like I may have created this day, but NO! National Lipstick Day must have been created by another woman that has a crazy obsession with lipstick just like me! I will tell you on any given day, my lipstick color says a lot about my mood. My go to is of course red, but I love a good pale, nude lip as well. The brighter colors really do liven up my complexion and give my face life. I often times change my lipstick mid day just depending on my mood. My purse usually has at least five different lipsticks in it on any given day. I know, crazy! I don’t think men will ever quite understand our obsession with make up and they certainly get freaked out by bright red lips, well, only if they want to kiss you! But nothing makes me feel more powerful and feminine than beautiful, bright, I have arrived red lips! So on this day, put on your favorite lipstick and show the world who’s boss. I know you’ll turn a few heads today… Ladies, let’s start this day with a bang!


So it’s true…MEN LOVE MYSTERY and apparently so do I!  Yes, I know, I’m continuing down this path of my my latest obsession of all things MAC. I have so many products to review but I just keep coming back to these great MAC products because they are perfect for Summer. Well let me tell you, MAC’s Men Love Mystery lipstick is a great electric lilac color. It reminds me of one of my favorite lipsticks by BITE Beauty called Violet, but it isn’t as creamy. The color is super pigmented and long lasting but it does not dry out my lips. I like to pair it with a neutral eye and a bit of rose colored shimmer eyeshadow rimming my entire eye. The combo is perfect for Summer. This lipstick works great with every skin tone and it definitely warms up my complexion. I have been a fan of MAC lipsticks for years and I love their prices too. Their lipsticks are the ICONIC product that made MAC famous. So as we dive right in to Summer, remember to always put your best face forward..Especially those LIPS!

Wet n Wild MegaLast Lipstick in 24 Carrot Gold

It’s that time of year when I like to start wearing every coral or orange shade of lipstick under the sun. You know I’ve become a huge fan of Wet n’ Wild lipsticks. This one in no different! 24 Carrot Gold is the perfect bright coral that screams “Hello Spring!”. I layered this lipstick on top of my usual clear lip liner and voila. It’s moisturizing and super pigmented and wears for hours without the need of touching up (unless you’re eating of course). I love how coral warms up any complexion and it looks great on every skin tone too. This color reminds me a lot of one on my favorite coral lipsticks by MAC called Vegas Volt but for a fraction of the price. At this price, you can afford to pick up one in every color! Who doesn’t LOVE that?


BITE Beauty Vivid Luminous Lipstick Duo

I’m a huge fan of Bite Beauty. Their lipsticks rank highest among some of my favorites. I love the duo collection that you often times find at the checkout at Sephora. It’s a great way to try out two new shades for one low price. Bite Beauty lipsticks are super creamy but pigmented and stay on for hours. The bright pink color called Lingonberry is the perfect bright fuschia. It is BOLD but also flatters almost any skin tone and it’s perfect for spring. The Tangerine is going to be the one that I will have to buy a full size tube of. It’s one of those colors that looks great with everything. It instantly made my skin tone warm up and it definitely brightened my complexion. Bite Beauty has a phenomenal lineup of shades each one packed with ingredients that are actually good for you. SO not only will you look great, you are doing something good for your lips as well. Bravo!bite orange lips

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Fireball Matte

You all know me and my red lipsticks. It’s almost become a ridiculous obsession ( almost as bad as my shoe obsession!) If you could see my collection of lipsticks side by side you probably couldn’t even tell the difference in the slight shade variations from one to the other. Well, being that I have the type of personality that gets something stuck in my head…I had to find the perfect matte orange-red but also super bright lipstick. I literally roamed Sephora for what seemed like an hour before walking out with this Smashbox lipstick called Fireball Matte  and to be honest, it was the first lipstick I grabbed when I walked in the place! From the moment I put it on, I was IN LOVE. It was everything  I wanted and more. It’s super pigmented, it doesn’t dry out my lips, it complements my complexion perfectly and it stays put for hours. I Love the packaging on these special edition Be Legendary lipsticks as well. As a HUGE fan of Donald Robertson’s art, I knew there was another reason this lipstick was calling my name. Anyone that knows fashion and art (or has shopped at Berdorf Goodman) will recognize this man’s brilliant, almost fashion sketch type artwork that continually leaves me in aw. This was a beautiful collaboration that will leave your pout looking flawless! Amen-