Becca Tumeric Clay Face Mask

I lOVE masks. Whether they are firming, hydrating, resurfacing or oxygen masks, I apply a mask at least twice a week depending on my skins needs. I was first introduced to the Becca Tumeric mask a while back and I absolutely love it! I have super sensitive skin and eczema which often times prevents me from using certain products. The tumeric in this mask instantly calms my skin and after leaving it on for 20 minutes, my skin simply glows when I take it off. Now don’t be scared by the color of this mask! The first time I used it I thought for sure my skin was going to remain bright yellow after I removed the mask, but it completely washed off. Tumeric is known for it’s anti inflammatory properties and works wonders in this mask. I’m lucky enough to get to try products from around the globe and when I was introduced to this line I was simply blown away. Their coffee scrubs are absolutely amazing too. They are now part of my normal routine and I can’t live without them! Thanks BECCA!

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